The correct frames enhance your look – or disappear from your face

Choosing the eyeglass frame that fits your face perfectly is a little bit of both science and art. The science behind choosing a frame is different than choosing the right dress or pair of jeans for you. The science depends on the use and the type of prescription, that is why it is helpful to have a licensed optician guide you. 

Choosing a frame should also be fun. The right combination ensures that every time you meet someone while wearing your new glasses, you elicit this response: “Those look wonderful!”

We help you select the frame that earns that praise.

Work with an expert

The Optical Shop of Westport is owned and operated by a licensed optician – someone trained to help you choose the style, size and color of eyeglass frames that will best fit your face. We will suggest several frame styles for you to try on and also make sure they fit perfectly. 

Even before considering the shape of your eyeglasses, make sure that there is a small gap between the arm of the glasses and your temple. And your glasses should stay in place and not get in the way of your cheeks when you smile. The arms of the glasses need to be long enough to rest on your ears. When you are choosing sunglasses, or sunglass clips that fit your glasses, you want frames that are large enough to block sun from the sides and bottom.

That is the science of choosing a frame. The art involves the shape (and color). Your choice can depend partly on how much attention you wish to draw to yourself, whether you lean “modern” or “retro,” and the setting where you plan to wear your new frames – either at work or play.

Experiment with different shapes

Square: Some eyeglass shapes can work anywhere. Square frames look good on most faces and convey serious intent or charming engagement. They can also be rounded on the edges or angular.

Round: John Lennon was instantly recognizable for several features, including his round glasses. Steve Jobs adopted them with his black turtle-necks and jeans. Those of us who aren’t geniuses can look unique in round frames, too.

Oval: An elegant compromise between square and oval that implies a bookish – or, if you prefer, intellectual – approach to life.

Rectangle: An angular frame takes up minimal space on your face and suggests an approach that is both modern and retro.

Cat’s eye: Go full-retro with this shape, which is back in favor for the way it conveys a connection to the past and the confidence to be distinctive.

Wayfarer: Ray-Ban claims the invention of this shape, based in part on 1950s Cadillac fins. The Blues Brothers wore them in their movie and the trapezoidal frames surged in popularity. They are still hip.

Clubmaster: This is another Ray-Ban model that faded but now is seen again on fashionable faces. The heavy brow bar complements metal-rimmed frames wrapping around the bottom of the lens.

Ask your optician

The glasses that look stupendous on the model in the magazine won’t work on everyone. But maybe you aren’t trying to make a fashion statement and would prefer that no one notice your new glasses. That could be the difference between thick and bright-yellow frames vs. thin frames or rimless glasses that nearly disappear on your face.

Whatever your approach, we will help you make the right choice.

Westport Optical Shop has a large selection of fashion-forward frames. You may wish to consider custom made-to-measure frames. Choose a frame we have designed or decide to modify the frame to fit you perfectly.