Sport glasses protect your eyes. It doesn’t hurt that you look good too

It’s difficult to deny: Athletes look better in sports eyewear.

Sports glasses are designed to enhance performance in any sport you happen to engage in, whether it is cycling, skiing, running, baseball, soccer or basketball.

When you are going fast outdoors – on a bicycle, for example – specialized sports glasses will protect from wind, pebbles kicked up from the road, insects and whatever your face collides with in the unlikely event that you hit the ground.

Skiers don’t suffer from insects or pebbles but the sun and wind can blind them, so their glasses protect from severe glare and UV rays in the form of wrap-arounds or goggles.

In basketball and many other endeavors, finger pokes and smashes to the eye are the most common injuries, so athletes in those sports wear wrap-around goggles.

Glasses for every sport are designed specifically for the challenges that the athlete might face. For outdoor sports that usually includes tinted or colorized sunglasses. And any sports eyeglass or goggle can incorporate an optical prescription.

An article by the lens-maker Zeiss points out that athletes face difficult ocular situations.

“In virtually all sports, depth and motion perception and the ability to rapidly shift focus are important prerequisites that enable us to better zero in on opponents, teammates and toys,” the article says. “Additional glasses are necessary because everyday eyeglasses are generally inadequate for these purposes.”

Because they are designed to be worn when you are attempting to go fast, sports glasses are sleek and grip your head. To protect from wind, sun and objects flying through the air, they are wide and contoured to your face. The lenses that are often color-tinted, and dark enough so that no one can see where you are looking, convey a sense of mystery.

That is the main reason to invest in athletic glasses: They protect your eyes in situations where they are most vulnerable.

The fact that they make you look good is an added bonus.

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