Eyeglasses that block blue light can help you sleep

At one time, you slept beautifully. Your head hit the pillow and you were out. In the morning, you woke

up refreshed.

What has happened?

You can blame modern life. Today, we sit in the office staring at screens. Not only do our backs hurt

when we stand up but our eyes feel grainy and strained. Then we head home, get comfortable in front

of a flat screen TV, under LED lights and occasionally – or constantly – pick up our phone, laptop or

portable device to text, tweet or do research.

Now it’s time to go to bed. You stare at the ceiling or toss and turn. A few short hours later, you curse

the alarm.


Our diagnosis: Your circadian rhythm is out of balance. Scientific sources agree. All those devices that

are integral to our lives throw out “blue light,” a wavelength that is included in natural sunlight and

regulates our day-night rhythm. In other words, it helps keep you perky during the day, and the lack of

blue light helps settle you down for a good night’s sleep. That is why, from the beginning of time,

humans have been awake for work and play during daylight hours, and then slept soundly after the sun


It is too late to get rid of the extra blue light. We need those devices. We can, however, shield ourselves

from the negative effects.

At the Optical Shop of Westport, we can help you find a pair of glasses that block blue light. We will also

help you determine when you really need to wear them.

If you are ready for a better night’s sleep, visit The Optical Shop of Westport and talk to an optician

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