Back to School Glasses Trends

Along with the books, the clothes and the new schedule there is one more consideration for your kids: Making sure they can read the paper on their desk, or the blackboard at the front of the classroom.

Otherwise, they begin the year behind.

What to look for

To choose a new eyeglass frame for yourself, you probably factored in color, shape, type of material, price – and how it looks on your face.

Those are the same things you should consider when buying eyeglasses for your children.

Kids are usually not as careful – and a little rougher – with their eyewear than you are, so think durability. Frame arms that flex outward, as well as fold inward, are a good choice for hands that sometimes move too quickly or with more strength than necessary.

Children who go to school with glasses for the first time are likely to be self-conscious the first day or two of class.

Plastic frames are made of extremely durable materials (as are the lenses) so color and shape usually take on more importance than whether they will last. Black and square are no longer the only choices. Help your child think about the long haul: will they want to be wearing these eyeglasses two years from now? Often, a color and/or style that is a little more low-key is most likely to endure – and not to stand out.

Metal alloy frames at the Optical Shop of Westport are also an option. They are lightweight and strong and offer a chance to be stylish without being too different. Prices have come down over the past few years and are now comparable with plastic.

What to avoid

The newest styles. What if they go out of fashion next year? What if they are too forward – great for the rock star, but not for the student. You want to get at least a couple of years of use out of your child’s eyeglasses.

Our opticians can help you guide the young patient to the best choices, frames that will enhance their looks while enabling them to do their best in school.

If you would like to talk about your options before you bring in your child, preview some of our selection of kid’s eyewear and then stop in at our Westport location at 420 Post Road West or call at 203-222-7870.